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Amy Sarkisian | BIO

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2007 So Is Your Face, Sister, Los Angeles
2006 Prequel, Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris
2005 I Love Livin' in the City, Sister, Los Angeles
Deep Red, Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris
2003 Valley of Unrest, Suzanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, LA
2002 Amy Sarkisian, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan
1999 The Perfect Ham, Algemaxx, 1234 gallery, Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2010 Power to the People, Feature Inc., New York
2010 The LAst Show, Kathryn Brennan Gallery @ Cottage Home, LA
2009 Heads Up, curated by Michael O. Gold, Domestic Setting, Los Angeles
2009 Video Journeys, curated by Katie Brennan, Sister at Cottage Home, Los Angeles
2008 Call the Interruptions Days, curated by Brandon Lattu, Leo Koenig Inc., New York
2008 Los Angeles Confidentiel, curated by Allyson Spellacy and Sandra Patron,
2008 Parc Saint-Leger-Centre d'art contemporain, Burgundy, France
2008 Against the Grain, curated by Christopher Russell, LACE, Los Angeles
2008 Globetrotters, curated by Katie Brennan, Cottage Home, Los Angeles
2007 Public Park, curated by John Pearson, Scoops, Los Angeles
2007 Between the Clock and the Bed, curated by Pamela Jorden , David Patton Gallery, LA
2007 What glue do you use?, curated by Yves Brochard, Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris
2006 LA Trash and Treasure, curated by Liv Stoltz Miliken Gallery, Stockholm
2006 Drink, Fight, Fuck, Angela Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles
2006 Symmetry, curated by Kimberli Meyer and Nizan Shaked, Mak Center, Los Angeles
2006 With Us Against Reality, Or Against Us! Curated by Anders Nordby and Ida Ekblad,
2006 Wonka Inc., Galleri S.E., Oslo
2006 The Female Machine, Sister, Los Angeles
2005 La Beaute de l'enfer, Galerie Rodolphe Jansses, Brussels
2005 Altoids Curiously Strong Collection 7, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
2005 Apocolypse Soon!, curated by Kristen Calabrese, QED Gallery, LA
2005 All I Want Is Everything, Small A Projects, Portland, Oregon
2005 Fast Forward, House of Campari, Los Angeles
2005 Color Wheel Oblivion, curated by Chris Perez, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan
2005 Bungle in the Jungle, Sister, Los Angeles
2005 Miscellany, Mario's Furniture, Los Angeles
2005 SCREAM, Anton Kern Gallery, New York and The Moore Space, Miami, FL
2005 Please, Please Yourself, Atelier Cardenas, Paris
2005 Losing My Head, Sister, Los Angeles
2005 We Are Electric, curated by Chris Perez, Deitch Projects, New York
2005 Fangs and Low Tide, Occidental College Weingart Galleries, LA
2005 Light and Spaced Out, Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris
2002 Play it as it Lays, The London Institute Gallery, UK
2002 Funeral Home, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles
2001 Bastard (son of hot sauce), The Law Office, Chicago
2000 Mysterious Prey, Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles
2000 Group Show, Studio 870, Los Angeles
2000 People are Animals, Three Day Weekend, Los Angeles Projects and ArtFrankfurt
2000 Young and Dumb, Acme, Los Angeles
1999 Vasquezsarkisianpestonilattuhughes, Studio 870, Los Angeles
1998 Hugheslattupestonisarkisianvasquez, Studio 870, Los Angeles
1998 Ideas, Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles
1997 Malibu Sex Party, Purple, Los Angeles
1995 Women: A Girly Show, Studio 425, Kent, OH
1994 Punchline, Galeria Mesa, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
1993 Season of Change, Millworks Gallery, Akron, OH

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1997 MFA University of California, Los Angeles
1994 BFA Kent State University


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